Eshel Avraham

is a tiny, egalitarian, Conservative congregation
A synagogue-without-walls serving Tucson, Arizona and other nearby communities

  • 'Tiny' means that our state charter (which we wrote) limits us to eighteen member units.
  • 'Egalitarian' means that the men and women of Eshel Avraham have precisely the same rights and duties in the service.
  • 'Conservative' means that we follow the liturgical, halachic and theological norms of Conservative Judaism.

Based on the havurah concept, Eshel Avraham nurtures our Jewish souls within a caring community of families and singles.

We believe that those who learn for themselves and do for themselves reap the greatest benefits. So we follow a 'Jew-it-yourself' philosophy: We have no professional staff whatsoever. Instead, the resources and individuals who create our services and other programs come from within our mishpacha.

We are a synagogue without walls. And we have no plans to build them.

Members of Eshel Avraham conduct Shabbat morning services, too. We use our very own Siddur. It is quite old-fashioned in many ways, but it joins the morning service with the musaph service to allow for more Torah-study time. It also has many transliterations to make davening easier for those who read Hebrew letters with some difficulty (or not at all).

Eshel Avraham safeguards and uses a holocaust memorial Sefer Torah from The Czech Republic rescued by the Memorial Scrolls Trust, London SW7 1BX England.

Many of our members also belong to other Jewish organizations in Tucson — including other synagogues. We don't try to be everything to everyone. We do try to be small and warm.

Ask about our schedule and membership. (Carole & Mike,

Come daven with us. Come sing with us. Come study with us.

Come be a part of our family.

We will welcome you.